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Every time I try to get out, it pulls me back in.

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Bearing all the hallmarks of a damn good time
11 December 1975

A veritable melting pot of nationalities:
25% Filipino
25% Spanish
25% German
25% Italian


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Archive of past journal names:
Bearing all the hallmarks of a damn good time - From the Trashcans' "Charlie's Atlas".

Cult Classic...Not Best Seller - Lyric from The Streets' "Let's Push Things Forward"

Clueless and Comfortable - From the Trash Can Sintras' "Worked a Miracle".

It's still the same old story: A Fight For Love and Glory - From Jimmy Durante's "As Time Goes By"...thusly exposing the soft spot I have for the movie 'Sleepless in Seattle'

take a left...a sharp left...and another left - From Badly Drawn Boy's "Once Around The Block".

here's the sledgehammer...there's the fingernails - From the Trash Can Sinatras b-side, Mr. Grisly. It seems to be saying, g'head...give me your best shot.

And So On And So On And Scooby Dooby Doo-Bee - From Sly and The Family Stone's "Everyday People".

He Knows His Claret From His Beaujolais - From Blur's "Charmless Man". My girl has turned me into a bit of a wine drinker.

RESULT!!! - From the British sitcom, Coupling. One of the characters says it when things go his way.

C.S. Rooibos - Rooibos is an herb that is my current fave, as far as herbal teas go.

Sex'n'Sin...Sax'n'Violins - Talking Heads' track Sax and Violins. It's from 1984 but still sounds good, today.

Events conspired - from Ash's SOMETIMES. That is just a nice two word string, in my opinion...with a boatload of meaning.

There's nothing here, but what here's mine - A Placebo lyric from EVERY ME, EVERY YOU

PH34R-BOT - m3g4t0ky0...

I go through all this...before you wake up - Thanks to Bjork's Hyperballad for the inspiration for this. Oh, I'm an early riser, by the way.

Confidence, Coincidence, Call-It-A-Sin - From The Lightning Seeds' ALL I WANT. The cover by Susanna Hoffs is what drove me to make it a journal name. I just love me some word-play in my music.

Style Councilmember - A [not very good] play on the band name. "The cool before the warm...The calm after the storm..."

Doing the Unstuck - Ere...Bob and the boys tell you to 'kiss it all good bye.' LET'S GET HAPPY!!!

Roll Up and Shine - Kelly and the rest of the 'Phonics rock the house.

Why Can't We Take a Couple of Tablets? - From the Trash Can Sinatra's track, HAYFEVER. These days, we have a pill for this...a pill for that. Is that a good thing?

Love me...or leave me alone - Title of a Brand Nubian track from back in the day. I'm not using it in quite the same context, but I think it applies.

Got a haircut...Got a silver tooth... - Lyric from Gomez's GET MYSELF ARRESTED, a nice, rambling song...just like me...except for the song part.

Make Me Wanna Holler - Marvin. I heard it on the radio and was reminded of how great a song it was.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears - A nod to Billy Wigglestick.

The messiah is my sister - From LOVE SPREADS, by the Stone Roses. I love my sister [trukshelly] but I don't really think she's the messiah.

A combination...of love and aggression - Lyric from a group, South...and aren't we all, really?

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